A tractor is the most important machinery for farming and almost 27 tractor brands are manufacturing tractors in India. Almost 500 tractors models are in the Indian market but fewer brands are trusted for framers.
Mahindra is one of the best brands in India for Tractors. Mahindra Tractor is part of Mahindra and Mahindra is based in Gujrat India. It was started in 1963 for his first tractor Mahindra B-275. Mahindra Tractor is very reliable to the Indian environment and trusted for their services for farmers.
Mahindra Tractors sold about 85000 units yearly which makes it the biggest tractor manufacturing company in the world. It is the highest tractor marking and selling company in India.
The most popular Mahindra Tractor is Mahindra DI-575. It has a 4 Cylinder, 47 HP, and 42 PTO HP, with 8 Forward and 2 Reverse Gears, and a Capacity of 2979 CC of Engine with 2000 RPM, producing 178.6 NM Torque which is enough for the average farmer. The price range started at 6.75 to 7.50 Lac which is affordable to Indian Farmers.

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